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    Name: Thanarath Kevin Sananikone

    Nickname: Kevin, Tk, Tylenol, icecreamcone, “that guy”, “the bff”, “the boyfriend”

    Birthday: August 22 

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: fuck you

    Height: 6

    Time Zone: EST

    What time and date is it there: August 27th 2:02am

    Average hours of sleep I get each night: ≤7 hours

    The last thing I Googled: how to spell “Profusely”

    My most used phrase(s): “Hella” or “It is what it is”

    First words that comes to mind: Fuck & You

    What I last said to a family member: “I’m bleeding profusely” 

    One place that makes me happy & why: where ever my family and friends are. I just like be surrounded by people who care about me cause i have mental issues. 

    How many blankets I sleep under: Usually one or none.

    Favorite beverage(s): green tea, sweet rasberry tea, passion tea, sprite.

    The last movie I watched in the cinema: It’s been too long. (Not a movie person)

    Three things I can’t live without: FamBam, Intenet, Car

    Something I plan on learning: “How to make success a habit.”

    A piece of advice for all my followers: Happiness is a choice, most of your emotions are conditioned… Dont look at what others have and focus on yourself. and lastly… To have a successful life, you must live and make each day successful. A succession of successful days is what makes a successful life

    You all have to listen to this song: Drift Away - Magnetic North

    I’m Tagging:
    xjennyyy - Running buddy
    dorkiiexshorty - Bestie
    maiicahh - Twin
    mayuree -Sister
    camkoa - Guy who needs to put up full length version of “strangers”
    mothafuckaplease - Moving to cali buddy!
    andrewiam - Guy
    gakado - Senpai
    3nchant3d - Girl 
    joodanjyanaiyo - Kuya? 
    alanvan - #11

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